Our People

Founder and Chief Executive

Octopian Services DMCC

Dr.Jbarah has more than 3 decades of experience in business & technology. He held several senior positions in various multinational corporations across countries with specialty in Aviation and Telecom.

He is one of the founders of Octopian Services, a Global Managed Services provider present in more than 84 countries.

Dr. Jbarah is involved in the technical implementations of his various ventures and brings tremendous practical experience to any engagement.

Chief Executive Officer

Octopian Digital

Fadi Jawdat Hindi has more than 3 decades of experience in business transformation. He held several senior positions in Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Smart Cities and others.

In 2016, Fadi co-authored the Dubai Blockchain strategy toward a paperless Government in collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation.

Fadi has Harvard Business School accreditation in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Stanford University Accreditation in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, and has his undergrad from North Carolina State University with Computer Engineering and a minor in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

Chief Technology Officer

Octopian Digital

Bashar Sadi has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience in the technology industry.

He has deep expertise in Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Smart Computing, Enterprise Architecture, and Consumer Solutions..

He managed a portfolio of complex projects for various clients across sectors including government, military, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, industrial, trading, educational, insurance and telecommunication sectors.

Senior Vice President - Health Care Practice

Octopian Digital

Anand has more than 2 decades of professional experience in the Healthcare industry.

He has been responsible for setting up and running large organizations and transformation projects in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) space.

His expertise in Clinical Coding transformation and digitization are world class. He has worked across three continents delivering services and products including the Americas, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

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